Is it a 16 week period from the day that I register?
No, the start date is the first day of the advertised online course and finish date is 16 weeks later. This allows us to ensure that students are supported adequately by an eMentor through the course.

Does it have online lectures that I can access at anytime of the day?
Yes, there are not lectures in the traditional sense of the term, the course will include interactive material which will support your engagement with the material.

How long are the online lectures available for?
The online material is available throughout the 16 week period, so that you can go back and revise material whenever you would like.

Does it have online group activities/discussions?
The course will have the opportunity to engage with E-Mentors and others completing the course. This will all be done in your own time, when you select to engage - you will be not expected to engage in online activities at the same time as others.

How do I provide structure / organise my study time over the weeks of the module?

Our aim is to make access to the content as flexible as possible for you, so that you can study at a time and pace that suits you. All sections will be available to you at the start of the course.

You should ensure you have 5 hours a week over the first 12 weeks to go through the content. In addition, you will need time for self directed learning and preparation for the assessment. It is however up to you how you allocate your time (e.g. you could do 15 hours in one week and then less in the next two).

Engaging with others who are studying the module and your eMentor is strongly encouraged, as online socialisation is an important part of keeping motivated as well as embedding your learning. So we recommend that you are in contact with your identified forum weekly (or let your peers know that you will be away), so that you get to know others studying the module and develop networks with others that will support you long after the module finishes.

What if I finish studying earlier than the 16 week period? Can I submit my essay?

The assessments will not be an essay. You can submit the assessments once you are fully prepared for the assessments. To that end, Coursework 1 will be made available from the start of week 8 and Coursework 2 from the start of week 10. You should submit Coursework 3 once you have completed Coursework 1 and 2. All assessments will need to be completed by the end of the 16th week from the module start date.

Results for the assessments will be provided three weeks after the module closes.