Getting the right help is important if you suspect someone has sensory processing difficulties. This will usually involve a referral for specialist assessment and therapy including support:

  • referral

  • assessment

  • therapy, intervention and support

If you think a family member has sensory processing difficulties, please ask your GP, Consultant, Teacher or School SENCO for a referral to a therapist qualified in sensory integration. 

Sensory Integration Therapy involves individualised treatment based on the Ayres model of Sensory Integration. 

It is important to be aware that some school based and group programmes (e.g. the Alert Programme, Henry Tools or use of a Sensory Diet) draw from the Sensory Integration knowledge base but are not Sensory Integration Therapy.

For those seeking a therapist in private practice, please follow the links below to search the relevant professional bodies private practitioner databases:

If you wish to check sensory integration (SI) qualifications for a particular therapist, please visit the Association of SI Practitioners' Register (ASIP) on Sensory Integration Education's website.